Bergmann GTW430 v 2.0 [MP]

Bergmann GTW430

Bergmann GTW430

Bergmann GTW430

GTW 430 – the pioneering chaser bin sets new standards in grain logistics…

Technical data:

Capacity: 38.5 m³
Fruit Types: wheat rape maize barley.
Overloading capacity: 680 L/S.


Mause control for pipe.
Mause control for towbar position.
Washable textures.
Animated suspension system.
Tip discarge option.


Model ,texture & Ingame : Julian11
Overloader spec: Claus G. Pedersen (Satis)

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2 thoughts on “Bergmann GTW430 v 2.0 [MP]

  1. This is an EXCELLENT MOD. Except I went in and added additional fruits: mohn, rye, oat, soybean, sunflower, chaff, forage, forage-mix. Why don’t you guys do the same. I don’t even know how to build a mod, but if I can add fruit, why want you guysdo the same. Stop giving us just four basic fruits when you KNOW alot of these maps have more than wheat, barley , raps, and maise. Please I don’t mean to sound angry, but is not FS15 more advanced than this. Other than the fruit, this Mod does not need any additional work. I LOVE YOUR MOD and I am using it in all my maps.

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