Belarus 3522 v 1.0

Belarus 3522

Belarus 3522

So now there are 500 of us that our Special Liker of Facebook here.

We thank you and to thank Cools Modding Garage for Camfix (that is why he is having in the Moddesc) and our beta testers and Modvorsteller Pixel_Tom.

Mod consists of a tractor and a 1.8 tonnes weight.

The mod is both SP and MP capable.

There is still a version 1.1 followed with dirt but it must the people of the team come first encouraging holiday back.

(There are of us even a version for Russiche Comunity running currently at version 1.3)


Mod = Micha und das MTL Modding Team
Camfix = Cools Moddinggarage
Betatester = Pixel_Tom

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