Bailey Beeteaper 22 v 1.0 [MP]

Bailey Beeteaper 22

Bailey Beeteaper 22

Bailey Beeteaper 22

The unique feature of the Beeteaper is that they tip to approximately 60° angle. The hydraulic rear door has longer side arms and longer hydraulic rams to allow the rear door to open higher. This enables the beet to be heaped to approximately 9 feet high. The advantage of the Beeteaper trailer over the standard farm dumper trailer is that it is multi purpose. It can be used for gain and other cops and can be easily tipped inside buildings.



Tire Tracks


Turn Signals

Animated Tipper

Wheel Dust

Unload Particles

Dynamic Grain Planes

Capacity: 28500

Weight Unloaded: 7800kg

Accepted Fruit: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips


Michelin Cargo X Bib

2 Axles with the optional rear wheel steering.



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