Arcusin AutoStack RB 13-15 v 1.0 [MP]

Arcusin AutoStack RB 13-15

Arcusin AutoStack RB 13-15

Arcusin AutoStack RB 13-15

The Arcusin AutoStack RB 13-15 is a round ball numbered tag that lets you collect round bales easily and can correct stacked neatly. Because there are so great round balers, but fiddling with bale spike, fork or claw just makes me mad. And then the whole also unload and clean pile up again … not for me.
Did Although discovered Ursus, but there can be a maximum of 4 high stack of Arcusin can stack up to 8 bales each other. What you really want to stack must everyone can consider itself above the other 8 bales are high and with a front loader to get gone to the top bale. But the players are so creative. 😉
What has been done it all:

Driving lights, brake lights, rear lights and flashing lights are installed
The trailer is dirty and can be washed
The front axle with articulated up to 10 °, the rear up to 30 °. This increases the agility of this rather lengthy trailer something.
In LS 15, there are two round bale sizes 150 and 130 cm. The standard size (Kuhn and New Holland Press) seems to be the 130th birthday. Therefore, I have the trailer adjusted so that he handles with both sizes. Although these can be loaded mixed so build towers. Unfortunately, this has the slight disadvantage that in the 130s bales it looks a little as if they rest not quite. This is due to this adjustment!

The trailer does not take too much traction. Theoretically range 75 hp, but the 90 hp of the standard Hürlimann make a slightly better figure and are also sufficient. Thus, one can also the small tractors thus still be used effectively.



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