AO Green Seeker v 1.0 Beta [MP]

AO Green Seeker

AO Green Seeker

AO Green Seeker

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Measure out your fertilizer in stock so far with a constant amount or vary the application rate by hand? All that is about! John Deere 7530 with Greenseeker sensor
The AO Greenseeker sensor fertilizes exactly according to the current requirements. This reduces fertilizer application and still keep your known income level.

The technique is as simple as startling:

An infrared sensor detects the degree of green color in the cultural inventory. The connected computer evaluates the signal and regulates the spread rate on Düngersteuer1). In addition, the system records the real yielded Düng

Ps: The Greenseeker is only for deco front !!!

Because of the many request quote Butters .: Since the device basically has no function, these red shaded fields are only intended to illustrate what or better such as this equipment is used and, if the operation to clarify a little. The infrared you can not see in reality is certainly most users clear here, but ultimately it is a simulator and what makes the red light, except that it lights up red ?? Exactly, it simulates the infrared or laser scanning-.

laser Installed

A laser also the center is so recognized

At the dealer, he is now collapsed not expanded

New multiplayer fix now is no longer fault in multiplayer

Hydraulik_überarbeitet and the sound was missing now everything is perfect !!


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