Amazone Pantera v 1.0 [MP]

Amazone Pantera

Amazone Pantera

Amazone Pantera

Dear LS-friends

this time I have the Amazon from Pantera LS 13 LS gehollt to 15.

Should you criticism, praise or requests then it simply writes.


Max speed: 40 km / h

Working speed: 18 km / h

Tank capacity: 4200 Lieter

Working width: 40 m

Price: 252500 –

Daily Cost: 320, –

The mod has no helper operation, which is also intent. The helper had many problems with the booms, as there are built Kollis. And consumption at 40 meter working width NEN Help.

What has it all:

– Light, work light, brake light, rear light, flashing and flashing lights

– Animated driver

– Mouse Control

– Animated jets

– Exhaust smoke

– Mirror (on high)

– Tire tracks, driving dust

– Dirt


Gusto82 und Freunde

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