Ahwi FM700 v 2.0 [MP]

Ahwi FM700

Ahwi FM700

Ahwi FM700

Here’s a forestry mulchers Ahwi the brand, thanks to its excellent impact significantly better forest areas fit than the original toy.

The forestry cutter does what is expected of him, and this requires a recommended capacity of min.260 HP.

Level of detail of the model was kept low because …

… I had little visual material disposal (deviations from the original available!)

… Should be done the mod fast (Modding time: 11.01.15-30.01.15)

… I first my UV map myself down (not auto-mapping)

… I wanted to familiarize myself about this mod with the new texture system. (So ??simple dirt Map)

It is based mainly on original scripts, so the collision the flap incorrect easy unfortunately is possible (only Optical). Is controlled with mouse control. If it is hollow over stumps, it can happen (as in the originals too), that while he milled, the stump but does not disappear. then go as deep as possible so that it is easy on the stump.

That’s as far from me, have fun with it!

News of the V2

Completely revised:

– Sounds

– Collisions

– ParticleSystems

– General adaptations


– Plume (exhaust) at the turn

– By eating slowly through the woods

-. Plow function including ParticleSystems and special feature

With the small cylinder prevents collision of the big mouth –


as already noticed some users, the mower has a problem with a few thick oak stumps! The cutNode not reach them. Unfortunately I have not found a solution. All other trees work perfectly!

This version does not include ALL the features I’ve come up with, but after my free time is becoming less and my desire to Ahwi is something passed, I decided to upload the current state and to refrain from a few little things

V2.1 (Bugfix)

Gamecrashes if you recover the tool and at the end of the game are fixed. Problems when buying the tool were not reconstructable. An problem that was unreconstructable too was that there is an error when starting the game, but n user called “hilgner” had sent me an log-file. That could be an problem with false converted tractors which use the old exhaust particle-system! That wouldn`t be fixed by my side!


Modell, Textur, Ingame, Script: Patar

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