Agrocom v 1.0 [MP]






Hello all,

Here is for all of you the Agrocom map V1 for fs15.

I have build the map original for fs13 and now rebuild it for fs15.

I hope you all enjoy the map.

What can you find in the map:

– 2 Farms

– Storage for your crops

– Pigs

– Biogass

– Countrytrade for sell your, Wool, Eggs, Milk, Pigs, wood chips and normal crops

– Vehicle shop

– 3 areas to plant trees

– Sawmill to sell trees

– 3 places to fill seeds

– Forestry activitys

– De trees from fs13 are beside the fields and roads, but you can use the fs15 trees for forst activitys. i already plant 1 ares with the fs15 trees.

Log is 100% clean

MP Ready

Required mods:



ChoppedStraw V 15.0.03

Garant Wasser Trailer V1.1

JoskinBetimaxRDS 7500 v3.1

WaterMod v3.1.5

I want to say Thanks to all modders, i used objects from and i use buildings from.

I hope i didn’t forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks because i’d appriate the work.

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8 thoughts on “Agrocom v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Nice map but I went everywhere I could think of and couldn’t find anywhere to sell the barley straw that you pick up with a loading wagon after harvesting. So I deleted the game I was playing and this map as well. Pity could have been a good map otherwise.

  2. Nice map, but I couldn’t find anywhere to sell the barley straw after I had collected it with a loading wagon. So I deleted my saved game and the map.

    1. You need to install the “mapdoortrigger” mod then when you drive up to the gate and also some doors in sheds you get a little icon pop up on your screen, press ‘O’ to open.

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