Agro Frost v 1.0

Agro Frost

Agro Frost

Agro Frost

Agro Frost

Agro Frost

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Hola, les presento el mapa conversión a FS 15

Agro Escarcha 2015 V1.0
Un entorno muy rural de casas antigua, grandes campos, Medianas y de todo tipo de maquinaria pequeñas.

Todos los puntos de venta hasta la fecha y cerrar.

Cuenta con la colección de monedas para ayudar a prosperar.

Herramientas – ChoppedStraw – GuelleMistMod – WaterMod – Tierra Angulo – Nuevas texturas – nuevas áreas de bosque y …

Mods necesarios:

– Buscar Modhoster GuelleMistMod ……..

– Buscar Modhoster ZZZ_ChoppedStraw …..



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23 thoughts on “Agro Frost v 1.0

  1. all views are very beautiful I feel that I’ll spend hours playing this map ….. thank you I did not try on LS 2015 I hope he will not have ny bug.

  2. todas las opiniones son muy hermosas Siento que voy a pasar horas jugando a este mapa ….. gracias No traté de LS 2015 espero que no tendrá ny error.

    1. JD there is a well behind the house with the ‘Helipad’ is this what you are looking for??? Do you have to collect the 100 coins and drop them in it?? What do you get for your trouble??

  3. Really excellent map, lot of time and effort gone into this one, I’m going to be playing this for a while.
    My only constructive comment would be that the fields were obviously worked out before the trees were planted and in some of them the edges of the crop is in them, and you can’t see it you just have to drive in the trees. For me personally, I just ploughed the edges using “allow make fields” then sowed them in grass, creating a bigger ‘Headland’and that solved the problem for me.

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